The Grove Foundation is a philanthropic organization guided by the vision that all people have the resources, respect, and sense of belonging to live and contribute fully as themselves in safety and with joy.

Founded in 1986, The Grove Foundation operates as a trust-based philanthropic spend-down entity that provides support in the areas of Civic Engagement, Immigrants, Black Led Power Building, Safety Net, and Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas does Grove fund? The Grove Foundation supports national, state and community-based groups that align with our vision, mission, and values. The Grove Foundation’s current focus areas are Black Power Building, Civic Engagement, Immigration, Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice, and Safety Net, you may find specific programmatic information here.

What is the annual grantmaking budget? The Grove Foundation has an annual grantmaking budget ranging from $15 to $20 million.

What’s the Grove Action Fund? How is it related to the Grove Foundation? In 2018, the Foundation welcomed a new addition to the family: The Grove Action Fund. The Action Fund and the Foundation are separate but affiliated organizations that work to advance a similar mission through different means. The Grove Action Fund is a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization that provides financial support for organizations that are involved in advocacy and lobbying work, consistent with our mission. The Action Fund may also engage in direct advocacy for change in the legislative and political arenas and adds a new toolset to our work. 

Does the Grove Foundation accept unsolicited proposals? How does my organization apply for a grant? No. We do not accept unsolicited applications at the moment. The Grove Foundation invests time in developing long-term partnerships with mission and values-aligned organizations. Staff identify potential partners through our own research, recommendations from current grantee partners, and our funder network. We are, however, always on the lookout for new ideas and developments in our program areas. Please use the contact page on our website to communicate with us.

Does the Grove Foundation award multi-year grants? Yes. Grant award timing and amount are dependent on the request and need. Multi-year grants should be developed in partnership with your Grove contact. Please reach out directly to discuss this.

What are the reporting requirements? What if I need more time? Generally, we accept reports written for other funders or conversations in lieu of written reports. Grant reporting requirements and timing can be found in Section E of the Grove Foundation grant agreement. If you need more time to complete your reports, please reach out to your Grove contact.

How do we request grant extensions or modifications? A modification or request to extend the grant period should be reviewed by the Grove Foundation. Reach out directly to your Grove contact regarding this request. Include as much information as available. For extensions provide the number of months needed.  For modifications, please include the original purpose and what the new purpose will be.

Does the Foundation provide matching grants? Yes. Matching grant opportunities may be available, please discuss with your Grove contact.

My grant was approved, what’s next? Once the Grove Foundation has finalized the necessary approvals and funding terms, including agreeing on the structure and reporting with our grantee partners, an agreement is drafted by our internal team. It is then sent to the Grantee for their review and for their files. Payment signifies acceptance of the grant agreement. The Grove Foundation does not generally require the countersignature of grant agreements.

When will we receive our grant payment? Once a grant is approved and an award letter is sent to you will receive an ACH form. You may expect to receive payment within 5-10 business days.  Grove typically issues payments a few times a month. Please contact your program officer or the grants manager for specific payment updates.

Who do I notify in the event of address and contact changes? Please let your Grove contact know about any address or staffing updates.

Can we publicize our grant award? If you wish to publicly recognize the Foundation or feature a grant in a press release, please allow the Foundation a minimum of seven (7) days’ notice to approve any proposed content prior to its release. For questions regarding this request, please contact Blanch Vance at You do not need pre-approval to feature the Grove Foundation’s name alongside other funders in a newsletter or annual report. For permission to use the Grove Foundation logo, please contact Blanch or your Grove contact.

What if we don’t have IRS charity status, can we use a fiscal sponsor? Yes. Grove does fund organizations with fiscal sponsors.

What is the typical grant size and duration? Please refer to the Grove Foundation map on Foundation Center for the most recent grant information. Currently, the average grant length is two years, and the median grant size annually is $80,000. The grant size and duration vary by program; please discuss specific requests with your Grove contact.

How often does decision-making on funding take place? Opportunities are evaluated on a rolling basis; we do not have set decision-making cycles. That said, unique limits, such as fiscal year-end, will be communicated during the funding process.

Can grantees provide feedback to the foundation? Grantees are welcome to provide comments and feedback directly to Grove staff.

Can the Foundation suggest resources that may be useful to nonprofits? Yes! Please communicate with your Grove contact for specific requests. In addition, here are additional resources: Guidestar, Council on Foundations, Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers, Foundation Center, National Council of Nonprofit Associations.